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Information for Presenters


The Plant Biomechanics Conferences are highly interdisciplinary and cover a wide range of topics. Participants may have a biology, engineering, physics, chemistry or math background and may not have much prior knowledge about your topic.

Plan your presentation accordingly and explain terms and concepts that may not be known or understood by everyone. The introduction is a crucial part of your presentation!


Social Media

We encourage all participants to use social media to talk about the conference, but you are only allowed to disseminate the science reported (whether in form of figures or contents) if the respective authors agree. It is understood that some authors may not wish their unpublished data to be tweeted or otherwise communicated.

Poster presenters will be provided with symbols on site, to be posted next to their posters indicating whether they allow photographs to be taken or tweeted.

We ask oral presenters (regular and flashtalk) to indicate their social media preference here, for the information to be included in the program pdf.

Regular Oral Presentation

Duration: 12 min (+3 min question period)


This time frame will be strictly enforced to maintain the schedule. Please prepare the contents of your talk accordingly and use coffee breaks and other social opportunities to expand on your scientific stories with those who are interested in hearing more.

A computer will be available to upload your talk (Powerpoint). Alternatively, you may use your own computer and connect directly. Connection is via VGA (there is no HDMI connector).

Please come at least 30 min before the beginning of your session to test whether your file / computer works well. This is particularly important if you have less-than-common font or videos.

The projection screen is formatted 4:3. Powerpoint slides in that format fill the entire screen, whereas presentations formatted 16:9 will project fine but will not exploit the entire height of the screen.

Poster Presentation with Flashtalk

The purpose of the flashtalk is to provide the plenary audience with a pitch for your poster. For details about the poster format, please see below.

Duration of flashtalk: 2 min (=120 seconds!)

This time frame will be strictly enforced. There will be no question periods following individual flashtalks. Instead, there will be two dedicated poster sessions accompanied by refreshments.

The flashtalk can, but does not need to be, accompanied by one or several slides:

  • Maximum number of slides: 5

  • Slides must be prepared in Powerpoint, aspect ratio 4:3 ('classic' Powerpoint format, not wide screen).

  • The pptx file must be submitted to by July 28, 2018, to be combined into a single file.

  • Own computer cannot be used for flashtalk!



Maximum dimensions of the poster:  Height: 119 cm (47") x Width: 104 cm (41")

While the height is not critical (if you don't mind the bottom of your poster dangling at the bottom of the poster board), the width is critical so as not to encroach on your neighbor's space! 


A poster should be a visual support for a short presentation to a small group of people. While being a 'visual abstract' of your work (and should hence have minimal amounts of text), a poster should be self-explanatory for the reader who consults it in your absence.

  • The audience might be standing up to 1.5 m away. This means that font size needs to be big enough to be read at that distance. 

  • Don't waste space by placing your abstract on the poster - it will be available for all to read in the program pdf.

  • Use plenty of visuals, including in the Introduction section.

  • Instead of long article-style figure legends, provide each figure with a heading and a one-sentence interpretation.

  • Bullet points are a great way to structure most of the text.

  • Don't forget to provide your contact information on the poster. Some place their portrait picture on the poster so that they can be identified in the crowd.

  • Some provide A4 printouts of the poster or business cards for interested readers to grab.

Find more inspiration for poster design here.

Poster Sessions

Two dedicated poster session are planned during the conference, and additional time to discuss posters is offered during coffee and lunch breaks.

Please stand by your poster at the dedicated times, depending on your poster number. If you indicated your candidature for a student award, you must stand by your poster during the indicated times.


Poster mounting will only be possible on Friday, August 10, after the morning coffee break. Pins will be provided for poster mounting. Check the conference program for your poster number.

Please remove your poster by noon on August 14.

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