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We fully realize that organizing a conference with international participants has an extremely high carbon footprint, simply because everyone has to travel, most by air.


We do hope that this cost is worth it because of the networking that would be impossible to generate through an online conference. We also hope that you consider buying carbon offset points for your trip. We recommend considering the following gold certified programs:  PlanetairTreeCanada, and Carbon Neutral

We also try to take measures that minimize any additional and unnecessary waste and carbon footprint. We hope you support us in this effort and are looking forward to hearing your comments.

This conference has obtained Silver Certification from the McGill Sustainable Events Program, overseen by the McGill Office of Sustainability.

Elimination of swag


We know it is fun to receive conference swag, but how many rarely used conference bags do you have in the back of your closet already?

Therefore, we won't provide any bags or notebooks. Please bring along those items as needed.

Reusable cups


The only 'swag' we will provide are reusable cups for you to use throughout the conference, both for hot and cold beverages. They can be rinsed in the washrooms.

You will find water fountains to refill, and coffee/tea will be provided during breaks.



Food that travels far or went through a wasteful transformation by being converted from a plant product to meat has a comparably high carbon footprint.

We will attempt to minimize carbon footprint by offering food that is sourced as locally as possible (recognizing the limitations of Canadian agricultural production) and by avoiding meat products. You will enjoy the Canadian wine and beer we serve! If you crave that steak, we suggest you choose your restaurant accordingly at dinner time.

Abstract book as pdf only


You will receive a printed version of the conference program, but the abstract book will be made available as a pdf only. 

This reduces the amount of print material that is distributed.

Public transport


Getting around within the City of Montreal is really easy since the Metro and STM buses provide a good network.

You definitely don't need a rental car while you are in town. Even getting to other tourist destinations (Quebec, Ottawa) can easily be done by bus or train. For information on ground transport from the airport, please check here.

For the excursion on August 12, instead of arranging for coach buses, we will send you to the Botanical Garden by Metro! Our student helpers will assist you if needed.

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